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A Keynote in a Minor Key

A Keynote in a Minor Key

Lance Ulanoff on Mashable pretty much expressed my thoughts on the WWDC 2015 Apple Keynote yesterday:

There was a lot of detail, but when I took some time to consider all that I had seen and learned, I realized that it was hard to pick out the really major stuff. […] Am I disappointed? Mostly, no. I want better working, more efficient platforms. I see the potential in Apple Watch; I want Apple and its third-party app partners to tap into it. I want transit directions in Apple Maps, which we’ll soon have. This was the story of the keynote. Lot of products and territory covered, lots of feature and performance updates across the board — but no breakout hit. Lance Ulanoff on Mashable

Everything was expected. I’m a little disappointed with watchOS2, which brings only overdue features and more useless watch faces without complications — why can’t I get my activity rings together with jellyfish or photos. Swift2 and Transit directions will most likely bring the most change to my life and $15 for a family Apple Music subscription is cheaper than the competition, so maybe it’ll have a chance.

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