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Hi & Welcome to My Blog!

The beginning of my new blog about code and more

Hi & Welcome to My Blog!

This is my new blog. I’ll write here about ideas, work, and experiences. Some of it might be reviews of technology and camera equipment, some of it might be philosophical, some might be about communication and productivity, and most of it will probably be about coding.

The idea is to capture accomplishments that might be useful to someone else, but mainly to just structure and document things for myself. I had the idea to create a new more general blog for a long time — I previously had a blog about my time in Kenya and there is the blog of Kijani, an NGO I cofounded. What really triggered me into doing it was more time at hand after finishing my classes for my second bachelor in Computer Science and Philosophy and an article by John O’Nolan, the founder of Ghost, on WebdesignerDepot.

Publishing online is the single greatest thing I did (and continue to do) for my career as a web designer. I’d encourage you to give it a go. John O’Nolan, founder of Ghost

This blog is powered by Jekyll — the static blog generator — and it’s hosted on GitHub Pages for free. It should be really fast and still have a lot of nice features. The theme is completely hand coded with love and CSS3. The source-code lives on GitHub, get inspired if you feel like it. I based the color scheme on this amazing photo from Emmanuel Coupé, that I found on this amazing tumblr natural pallets.

The inspiration for the color scheme of this blog

I’m gonna write more about some of the features of this blog and how they are set up. Some of the highlights include:

I hope you will enjoy reading more here soon.